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Our company

Our company

Cotrako, a company with great experience but with an approach to the young and dynamic market

Cotrako was founded in 1982 and has developed considerable expertise in the design, marketing and installation of gas equipment systems and is the European leader in the production of LPG gauges.

Fully certified processes

All stages, from construction to sale, are carried out under total quality regime with PED H1 module for devices up to IV category. The company is certified ISO 9001: 2000 and using products certified according to the highest industry standards.

International leader of the level gauges market for LPG

Since 1982, Cotrako is in the market for mechanical gauges for LPG in which today moves as one of the absolute leaders in the sector. Cotrako sells its indicators in the world and provides internally to the full realization of each of the available models, with solutions designed to meet the needs of individual customers.

Established relationships with major players in the market of LPG technologies

Cotrako collaborated for many years with all the most important LPG distributors in Italy and some of the major LPG distributors in the world. The company sells its products in the LPG field, top of the range of the respective areas of use, and fully supports customers in all phases of the choice of the most suitable product considering their needs and in all the sales stages.

Appreciated experience in LPG combustion

For many years, Cotrako provides its customers full support for the design and construction of plants within LPG combustion of any size and for any needs are required.

Cotrako proceeded to hundreds of installations in Italy and around the world with success and full satisfaction of the end customer.

Competent and complete proposal within LPG gas stations plants

Previous experiences have also served to increase interest in different areas of LPG use and it is in this way that Cotrako has created a division that deals with absolute competence of the design and construction of "turnkey" LPG gas station systems. Customers know they can rely on Cotrako for the whole process leading from concept to commissioning of any size of LPG refueling installations.

In the forefront in the development of solutions in the LNG field

The continuous research of new areas of interest has led Cotrako to realize installations with significant success in an innovative area such as LNG (liquefied natural gas). The LNG Cotrako division was among the first in Italy to investigate the technical issues developing considerable experience in this area; experience that Cotrako makes available to customers in the construction of new plants.




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